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Hosting TAOS Forum calls

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As I was reviewing my emails and Taos Institute documentation, I noted that I have completed a number of calls, welcomes of new members and other activities. In addition to the one I posted previously, here are a few more highlights:

Hosting Forum Calls:

You are invited to a forum call with Peter Whitehouse on: Intergenerational Futuring

Wednesday, September 16th, 12:00 – 1:00 PM (ET / New York Time).

With Peter Whitehouse

Host – Paul Leslie

Intergenerational Futuring is about creative dialogue about the past and present in service of a better more sustainable future.  Intergeneratively synthesizing concepts like transdisciplinarity, relational learning, social construction, narrative, Big History, Deep Time, integrative health, interprofessional practice, deep bioethics, cognitive neuroscience and the transmedia arts is essential to creating and enacting social transformation. It challenges dominant neoliberal economics and politics and unbridled faith in rationality and science, like scientism  An example is the InterHub as part of the Presencing Institute, especially their GAIA (Global Activation of Intention and Action)  project  where our intention is “Learning to take intergenerational action together to re-enchant civilization.”

Key question for introductions: What idea or activity inspires you as essential to creating a better, more sustainable future?

 You are invited to a Forum Call for Taos Associates with Haesun Moon.

Host: Paul Leslie

November 19th, at 10:00 – 11:00 AM EST (New York).

Show me: The Evidence of Social Construction

 In studying communications, we often focus on the contents of what people say rather than what the content does. If you work with people as a counselor, therapist, trainer, coach, or other capacity, the question goes beyond what do we say and what do they say. It becomes more about what does the conversation do?

In this brief forum call, you will get to experiment with a simple heuristic of interaction - Dialogic Orientation Quadrant - to see how social construction may be made visible in your work.

Key questions for discussion:

  • Think back on a conversation that had a positive effect on you - whether it motivated, inspired, comforted, encouraged, or even challenged you to think differently. What was it about the interaction that contributed to the positive effects?
  • How do you teach others to “do it"?

 You are invited to a Forum Call with Dr. Saliha Bava.

Hyperlinked Identities: A Generative Resource in a Divisive World

April 22, at 10:00 - 11:00 AM US Eastern time

Paul Leslie will host this Forum Call with Dr. Saliha Bava. You may also invite a guest to join you for this Forum Call, perhaps a colleague or student.

Saliha asks:

How do we perform our identities when we are navigating systems that are not in alignment for us? What relational practices do we call forth to help us coordinate the contradictions of everyday life so as to not live a life of complicitness? Or is that even doable?

Saliha will invite us into this conversation by sharing the making of the concept of hyperlinked identity as her way to traverse this tension, or what Homi Bhabha (1994) refers to as ambivalence, i.e. the fluctuating relationship between complicity and resistance as a colonized subject.

Saliha also shares her work on the hyperlinked identity in the attached draft chapter. Please feel free to read this in anticipation of the call.

Does this resonate with you? Please join the conversation.

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