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Dominica Teaching and Learning - Initial Goals

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I have started a new challenge with Ross U and the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). For me, this is a foray into medical education and the concomitant challenges of covering a vast collection of content while ensuring a holistic social construction of knowledge.

My initial focus will be on how to help the faculty and colleagues make their thinking visible to each other. Ross employs the MS Office 365 suite of tools, which facilitates access to information across the institution. While I favour the Google Suite of tools for personal use, I support the use of institutional tools for the support, future-proofing and access that they provide

One task will be to move toward the use of a departmental platform housed within the larger institutional platform. This will connect us with our colleagues outside of the department and give us a presence among those very same colleagues to promote our activities.

 A concurrent task will be to examine strategies that will raise the 'teaching' profile of the CTL. One long term plan is to contribute to the design and implementation of the Medical Education Teaching Certificate (METC). The target audience for this certificate are those who wish to pursue and enhance their roles within  medical education. Another goal is to promote the ability of our colleagues to make their thinking visible to each other. This goal will be pursued in one instance through modeling good practices, and through another by encouraging others to communicate with us through the institutional tools noted above.

To paraphrase a comment I shared with a colleague this week, I think adopting a mission statement, vision for action and perhaps a philosophy of education, gives focus to our work by helping to underpin our individual goals. My stated philosophy that, "Education is a community affair", is evident in each of my goals outlined above. In each instance, the underlying notion is to create an educational community by allowing each of us a means and set of tools to communicate with each other.

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Education is a Community Affair. 

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