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Sample Course Interface Design: The Domains of Teaching.

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The following is the cover page for a course I co-designed called "The Domains of Teaching". It is a 3-hour modular course to introduce clinical faculty to the basic notions of teaching.

The interface represents significant HTML background styling and design to produce this simple and clean looking set of links to the various modules. The links to the modules do not work outside of the Canvas LMS system. Each page in this course is designed in Rise, an Articulate course design software

Some features to note, which are not evident in this representation are the links to modules which are embedded in the Canvas LMS. This feature allows us to break with the built in menu and provide our own, which thus lessens the clutter on the main menu.

Another feature is the 'Check your Progress'. This feature is much requested in the Canvas forums , but was not available. I have created a work-around which extends the functionality to include an automatic tracking feature for users. 

Please see the static image of the top of the live course:

dot cover

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