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Taos Associates Forum Call

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On October 28th, I participated in a Taos Forum Call as one of the presenters. See the text of the invitation:

Taos Forum Call

You are invited to a forum call for Taos Associates with Jerry Gale, and co-presenters Cees Hoogendijk, Peter Whitehouse and Paul Leslie.

Host: Haesun Moon

October 28th, at 10:00 – 11:00 AM EST (New York).

A story of teaching, knowledge and emotions in the times of Covid: A story in four acts.

  • Act I: Preparing the classroom and students for the coming (pandemic) storm.
  • Act II: Behind the zoom screen: Constructing new realities.
  • Act III: Reverberations.
  • Act IV: Being present.

 What untapped wisdom and potential for action exists when people of different ages learn together and recognize their inter-generative potential?

Key question for introductions:

  • How do you bring social constructionism and appreciative inquiry into your pedagogy?
  • How are emotions a part of teaching/learning? 
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Dr. Paul Leslie

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Education is a Community Affair. 

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