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Taos Forum Call: Now I see a Person

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Here are the details of another forum call I hosted on June 25th:


Dear Taos Associates,

You are invited to a Forum Call with Susan Swim and her colleagues from Now I See a Person.

Revisiting Process Ethics: Participating and Co-Creating Intimacy in Client-Therapist Relationships

June 25, at 12:00 - 1:30 PM US Eastern time


Paul Leslie will host this Forum Call with Dr. Susan Swim and her colleagues from Now I See a Person. You may also invite a guest to join you for this Forum Call, perhaps a colleague or student.

From Susan:

In 2001, I asked Ken, Harlene, Tom, Sally, Dan, Faith and Giselle to accompany me in writing on Process Ethics (Journal of Systemic Therapies 2001).

Now I See A Person Institute was created on these premises of “Ethically Generated Relationships”. Every conversation whether at the ranch or via zoom, due to the pandemic, celebrates honesty, genuine caring, seeing a person rather than a diagnosis, trust, humility, and humanness. Our “clients” see us as people as we do them. People come to be with us, a team of therapists, hopeless and suffering and we meet them in a space of genuine caring, pure listening, attempting to see, hear, understand, and be always client led.

In our previous forum calls we have sought to present and highlight these client voices in our evidence-based research. In this call we wish to share our voices, in the collective “we” which leads to what we now call "Extraordinarily Normal Lives".

Susan has also shared a number of references as pre-reading. Please take this opportunity to read through some of these in anticipation of the call.


  1. Journal of Systemic Therapies. Special Edition on Process Ethics Vol 20, No. 4 2001. (https://guilfordjournals.com/toc/jsyt/20/4 )
  2. Mad In America. Now I See A Person: A New Model for Breaking Free of Mental Health Labels.  https://www.madinamerica.com/2021/01/now-i-see-person-new-model-breaking-free-mental-health-labels/
  3. Swim, S. (2020). "Colleen’s Healing Journey." Metalogos Systemic Therapy Journal(38). (https://www.metalogos-systemic-therapy-journal.eu/en/current%20issue)
  4. Swim, S., et al. (2020). "Extraordinarily Normal: A Journey of Breaking Free from the Limits of Labels." Metalogos Systemic Therapy Journal(38). (https://www.metalogos-systemic-therapy-journal.eu/en/current%20issue )


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Please keep that email as it contains your unique link to join the call. 



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