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Seeking Cwelelep

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In some recent research, I wrote about the notion of Cwelelep which is an indigenous principle concerned with learning. Please see the following article:

Sanford, K., et al. (2012). "Indigenous Principles Decolonizing Teacher Education: What We Have Learned." In Education 18(2).

In the article, they comment that Cwelelep is (Sanford, et al, 2012, Lil’wat Principles):

"recognizing the need to sometimes be in a place of dissonance and uncertainty, so as to be open to new learning."

 I am very interested in seeking answers to how we can instill and inspire in our students the ability to recognize their need to seek cwelelep. In my current work as a faculty member using distance education tools to motivate and inspire my students, I am pursuing a community of inquiry approach to help inspire my students to feel free to challenge each other to be in a place of uncertainty. 

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