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Future Work Skills

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Future Work Skills

As Sir Ken Robinson tells, us, we have no idea what will happen in the future. Even 50 years ago, people would expect that they would get a job and then do that job in the same way for the rest of their lives. Nowadays, we cannot even imagine what we might do two years from now.

Look at this page: There is a discussion and video about the 'Hour of Code'. I asked a question to the HCT_UAE the other day on Twitter. Where is our hour of code? 

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Look at this graphic. It, too, is asking about skills for the future. What are we doing to prepare our students? I might even ask, forget about our students: What are we doing about ourselves?

I hereby challenge you to demonstrate some skills in the following sites between now and the next semester. I am sure that there will be a way for you (EDTC and PRIM year 3 students) to build some lesson plans around these activities. 

I look forward to your comments.

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